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We combine design and functionality through high-quality paint systems – individually, quickly and reliably. From us you get coatings of the highest quality, tailor-made for your requirements.

Thanks to our decades of expertise in a wide variety of application areas and process technologies, we know exactly how to support our customers and create meaningful added value for them: with individual, reliable premium products.

Convince yourself!

Industries & Applications

Automotive and electromobility, rail and railroad, plant and mechanical engineering, construction industry: Weckerle is at home in the key industries. We offer systems for corrosion and stone chip protection, for the design of automotive add-on parts, paint systems for axle coating, for wheel sets and bogies, systems for engines, engine parts and turbines.

We are your competent partner for corrosion protection for reinforcement grids for aerated concrete precast elements and formwork systems for building construction. We offer high heat resistant paints for silencers and brake discs, fire resistant paints for industrial pipes, chimneys and furnaces. Our industrial coatings are used in asphalt mixing plants, cement drying kilns and in residential furnaces.


Heat-resistant paints, automotive corrosion protection, aluminum coating, active and passive corrosion protection, stone chip protection for railroads and automobiles, plant engineering paints, stainless steel coatings, dipping paints and rust protection paint, corrosion protection paint: Highest quality and optimum protection for your surfaces – premium paints from Weckerle.



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