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Corrosion protection for the construction industry

Paint coatings for special applications.

Weckerle is a specialist supplier in the niche sector for the construction industry. Our products provide corrosion protection for reinforcing grids for prefabricated aerated concrete elements as well as formwork systems for building construction. We have years of experience in paint coating using the dip process.

Coating plants with anti-corrosion coatings developed by Weckerle are in operation in Taiwan, Malaysia, the Arab Emirates, Mexico and the USA, among others.

Product range

Our portfolio includes corrosion protection coatings, components for rust protection paints and dip coatings.


Shuttering concrete construction


Water and waste water

Sewage pipes


Individual developments

Are you looking for a solution to a specific problem? As a partner with many years of experience, we work with you to develop customized solutions for your application

Customers from the field
Construction industry

Quality-conscious manufacturers of building materials rely on coatings from Weckerle.