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Paint protection and design for
the automotive sector

Weckerle Lacke meets many specifications of automotive manufacturers. We supply OEMs and suppliers in the automotive industry.

In recent years, we have been working very intensively on coatings for e-mobility, such as conductive or dissipative coatings, which are becoming increasingly important for the production of battery cells. In the further development of corrosion and stone chip protection for battery housings, we have broken new ground in cooperation with OEMs.

We have also stepped up the development of heat-resistant coatings, for example for painting brake discs and brake drums.

We are YOUR specialist for automotive paint systems. Our focus in the development of new coating systems is on corrosion protection, stone chip protection and design for automotive components. The majority of our products used in the automotive sector are aqueous systems.

Product range

We develop and produce special solutions for special requirements in the automotive sector, such as automotive paint, automotive corrosion protection, cardan shaft coating, paints for air conditioning systems, axles and suspensions, carbon paints, tank coatings.


Brake systems

Brake disc Brake drums


Exhaust systems

Tailpipes Exhaust systems Turbocharger


Cooling and air conditioning


Corrosion and stone chip protection

Plastic tank Tank coatings Drive shaft/cardan shaft


Battery case


Load-bearing components


Carbon coating systems

Carbon rims


Commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery

Exhaust system Exhaust systems Engine paints


Individual developments

Not found the right product – Looking for a solution to a specific problem? As a partner with many years of experience, we work with you to develop customized solutions for your application.

Customers from the field

We deliver quality, reliability and individual solutions to well-known OEMs and suppliers.