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Paint protection for commercial vehicles & buses

Weckerle is your partner whenʹs gets hot: heat-resistant paint, heat-resistant spray paint, fireproof paint, brake disc paint, chrome paint heat-resistant, clear coat heat-resistant and much more.

In the commercial vehicle and bus sector, we specialize in applications where heat resistance, resistance to heavy mechanical loads, strong corrosion protection and extensive chemical resistance are required. Decorative outer skin coatings are also offered in the commercial vehicle sector. Our product portfolio consists exclusively of liquid coating systems.


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Paint protection for the outer skin of fuel tanks

Protection against stone chipping and chemical resistance are required here.

Layer thicknesses of up to 500 µm are possible.

Stone impact resistance test according to DIN EN ISO 20567-1:2007 procedure B up to 20kg.

With a maximum permissible infiltration of 2 mm after 504 h Neutral salt spray test NSS

Weckerle bietet Ihnen Lackschutz für den Bereich Automotive an. Das Bild zeigt Automobilteile.

Exhaust systems

Heat-resistant and extremely low smoke development when exposed to heat
up to 1,000°C

Stone chip protection

Corrosion protection

Weckerle bietet Lackschutz für Abgassystem Endrohre  und hitzebelastete Anbauteile an. Auf dem bild sehen Sie Abgasendrohre

Paint protection for cooling and air conditioning

Paint protection for the underbody

Stone chip protection test

Weckerle bietet Ihnen Lackschutz für den Weckerle bietet Ihnen Lackschutz an. Das Bild zeigt den Unterboden eines Fahrzeuges

Customers from the field
High heat resistant coatings

Successful vehicle manufacturers worldwide rely on our heat-resistant coatings.