Content - High Heat Resistant Coatings

Heat Resistant up to 600 °C for Industrial Applications and the Automotive Industry.

High temperature-resistant paints from Weckerle are used both in the automotive industry for silencers and brake disks and in industrial applications, e.g. for pipes, chimneys and furnaces. Another area of application is asphalt mixing machines and cement drying kilns. Our paints are also used for household stoves.

Weckerle offers a wide range of one and two-component products, both solvent-based and water-based, in the high temperature-resistant paints sector. The heat resistance is between 200 and 600 °Cdepending on requirements. 

Weckerle Product Program

  • weco-THERM-paint
  • weco-ALUTHERM®


BMW, Audi, VW, MAN



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