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Functional Protection and Design.

Weckerle is a specialist and niche supplier for paint systems in the automotive branch. The emphasis in the development of new paint systems is both on corrosion and stone chip protection and on design for automotive add-on parts. The majority of the Weckerle products used in the automotive branch are water-based systems.

Weckerle paints satisfy many specifications of the automobile manufacturers. We supply to OEMs and suppliers in the automotive industry. Things all started with petrol tank painting, the first major customer was BMW.

In recent years Weckerle has promoted the development of heat-resistant paints  as a further key business, for example for the painting of brake disks and exhaust pipes.

Weckerle Product Program 

  • weco-FAN-paint
  • weco-FAN-PUR-paint (1 and 2-component paints)
  • weco-FAN-EP-paint    (1 and 2-component paints)  
  • weco-1K-PUR-paint micro-encapsulated
    The base paint contains the hardener component in micro-encapsulated form. When heating up to 90 degrees and above the capsule bursts and releases the hardener component.
  • weco-ALUTHERM®
  • Trim paints / contrast paints paint systems containing solvents for front and rear aprons (VW Cross Polo, VW Cross Golf)


BMW, Audi, VW, MAN
Suppliers: Allgaier, IFA Rotorion, FUEL TEC MAGNA Steyr, Boysen, Behr Group, Valeo 


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